Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Big Fat List (of Voynich novels)...

I've been meaning to put this Big Fat List of English-language Voynich-related novels together for a while: I've appended links to the most significant review / blog mentions I've made about them. I'll update this every once in a while, so please feel free to drop me a line if you have or know of a Voynich-themed book you think should be mentioned or reviewed.

English-language Voynich novels in print:

"Return of the Lloigor" by Colin Wilson in Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos (1969) [mentioned here]
The Face in the Frost John Anthony Bellairs (1969) [mentioned here]
Indiana Jones and the Philosopher's Stone Max McCoy (1994) [mentioned here]
The Grinning Ghost Brad Strickland (1999) [mentioned here]
Enoch's Portal A.W.Hill (2001) [my review]
Popco Scarlett Thomas (2004) [my review]
The Magician's Death Paul C. Doherty (2004) [mentioned here]
Shattered Icon (2004) / Splintered Icon (2006) Bill Napier [mentioned here]
Codex Lev Grossman (2005) [mentioned here]
Vellum Matt Rubinstein (2007) [my review]

Forthcoming Voynich novels:

"The Castle of the Stars" Enrique Joven [mentioned here and here]
"The Source" Michael Cordy [mentioned here]
"In Tongues of the Dead" Brad Kelln [mentioned here]

Voynich novels in development (working titles where known):

Richard D. Weber [mentioned here and here]
Bill Walsh [mentioned here]
William Michael Campbell ("The Voynich Solution") [mentioned here and here]
Andrea Peters ("I'm Sorry... Love Anne") [mentioned here]

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