Thursday, 20 December 2007

"The Voynich Solution" (both of them)...

A "life coach, motivational speaker and writer" called Andrea Peters is trying to sell the rights to her book "I'm Sorry... Love Anne" (AKA "Don't Worry... Love Anne" AKA "The Voynich Solution"). The first twelve chapters (all fairly short) are here, which should give you an idea of the kind of brisk, international, Dan Brown-esque caper she's aiming towards.

She's done some crypto research, which is good (Gabriele de Lavinde is there, as is Leon Battista Alberti), though her rendering of early Renaissance history is rather stiff, and my heart did sink a little when Christian Rosenkreutz walked in... *sigh*

And her idea of the earth-shattering secret hidden in the VMs? Well... people keep getting killed with some kind of sound weapon that is millennia old, and there's stuff about the natural frequency each natural thing has: so it's probably going to turn out to be something along the lines of Keely's harmonics stuff.

From a Voynichological perspective, I really hope the key page she's talking about is f56r: according to Stan Tenen, this seems to depict the inverse or hyperbolic ("1/r") spiral, that could well be based on Egyptian mathematics: there's an old post from me (in 2001) on this subject here. As I recall, the Ancient Egyptians constructed their maths around whole number fractions (1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, etc but with the addition of 3/4), and this spiral seems oddly reminiscent of that. Just so you know! :-o

Confusingly, there's another novel out there looking for a publisher called "The Voynich Solution" (2005) by William Michael Campbell (which may possibly explain why Andrea Peters is stumbling around looking for an alternative title). There's a PDF online with the first eight pages, but it's immediately clear that, as part of his research, the author has been reading my posts. :-) He locks in to 1450 as a probable date of origin (pretty close!), and mentions that much of the painting was done later (my goodness, he's attentive!) Perhaps Compelling Press (my tiny publishing company) should consider publishing this... something to think about!

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Nick Pelling said...

PS: there's also a student production by M. Clark Coston called "The Voynich Solution", mentioned here, with the script here. Not really very substantial, but what the hey.