Saturday, 31 May 2008

Enigmatic Instrument...

Here's a nice bit of craft by someone called "iisaw" (Eric Coyote Elliott), who's made a fabulous astrolabe-like instrument and posted a couple of pictures of it on the DeviantArt website - click on the picture there for a detailed view. As you should be able to see, Eric used Voynich lettering (probably the EVA font) when etching enigmatic script on his enigmatic instrument. He writes:-

This "Cosmolabe" is a prop for a movie. The fifteen circular symbols on the front represent different worlds and the signs on the outer rim are components of magical runes used to travel between the worlds. The instument itself is a way to calculate which runes need to be used for opening gates between specific places.
Cool! What's also nice is the way that it mirrors many of the circular diagrams in Quire 9. As to the text, I can see "qoksheedy" (which only appears on f108v) there, though the phrase it is in does not: so it looks to me like he's done a nice job of simulating Voynichese, possibly even better than Gordon Rugg's grilles ever did. :-)

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