Sunday, 29 June 2008

More Voynich jokes...

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After my Voynich light bulb joke, I thought you might like this one (Andy did):-

  • "Doctor, Doctor, I think I can read the Voynich Manuscript?!"
    "Fantastic! If you can do audio typing as well, you can start on Monday!"

I also found a Voynich gag on Mediadesk's Voynich page:

  • Who [made the VMs], when and why?

    It's from The Central Library of Atlantis, and you can't imagine how much the overdue charge is going to be when it's returned.
Voynich completists might prefer this:-

  • What's black and white and red all over?
    Oh yes: that would be
    f1r, f67r1, f67r2... my website lists them all...

Or this:-

  • A Voynich researcher is at the Pearly Gates.
    "Sorry", says Saint Peter, "but because of your sins, you'll have to spend a century in Purgatory before you can enter Heaven."
    "That's terrible!", wails the man, "Ten years on the Voynich Manuscript and now this!"
    "Oh dear", says St Peter, "nobody told me
    that. You'd better come straight in!"

Or finally (and perhaps inevitably):

  • Knock, knock!
    Who's there?
    The author of the Voynich Manuscript!
    Errrrm... could you narrow it down a bit?

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