Friday, 13 June 2008

20th Century Voynich Manuscript!?

Copies of a curious little apparently enciphered object were being given away in Dillons Arts bookshop about 12 years ago: I saw this last year mentioned on Cylob's blog (he's a musician now living in Berlin), but haven't found any further mention of it anywhere on the Internet.

To my eyes, it looks like a simple substitution cipher (you can see several of the shapes repeating, and you can probably guess at least some of the vowels), with a kind of vaguely pigpenesque quality to them (so there is probably some underlying rationale behind the alphabet). Maybe one day I'll ask Cylob for a copy & post a transcription here...


Lew said...

I believe that's from an intelligence test. The WAIS IQ test I took a few years ago had a section in which I was given a set of symbols similar to these and then asked to pick which symbol came next in the sequence.

- Lew

Nick Pelling said...

Fascinating, thanks Lew!