Thursday, 26 June 2008

"The Alchemyst"...

Note: this article has now moved to the-alchemyst on Cipher Mysteries

Nosing around in Borders the other day, I noticed a popular teen alchemist-themed book called "The Alchemyst" (2007) by Michael Scott: it had a nice cover, good in-store marketing (early-teen-eye-high positioning, right next to some Philip Pullman books), and featured John Dee and Nicholas Flamel, doing a whole bunch of the-world-is-in-danger demonological things with two children (Josh and Sophie) who begin the story working in Flamel's bookshop. Of course, the star of the show is arguably The Codex (containing the recipe for the Elixir of Life) that gets stolen and endlessly pursued: but you probably guessed that already. :-)

And now I read (courtesy of Wikipedia) that there's a "The Alchemyst" film in pre-production, and the sequel's already in the shops. Alchemy: there's a lot of it about, isn't there, hmmm? :-o

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