Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Another Voynich paper...

I've just found a German summary of the 2006 "Knowledge, Discipline and Power, 12th-17th Centuries" conference in Sheffield, at which Volkhard Huth of the University of Freiburg apparently presented a paper on the Voynich Manuscript. According to the description, Huth (whose expertise is in handwriting) broadly localizes the manuscript to Germany, provisionally dates it to 1480-1500, and places its encoded contents within a broadly philosophical tradition. According to this, he presented it in session three, just before the ubiquitous Charles Burnett. :-)

This page describes his paper (well, its title) and where it will be published:-
"The Critic on Magical Mystery Tour. Towards a serious location of the enigmatic ›Voynich Cipher Manuscript‹ in the history of knowledge, in: Knowledge, Discipline and Power, 12th-17th Centuries. An international conference organised by the University of Sheffield with the support of the British Academy in honour of Professor David E. Luscombe, FBA (University of Sheffield / Humanities Research Institute, 15.9. – 17.9. 2006). Papers, ed. by MARTIAL STAUB (erscheint bei Cambridge University Press; in Vorbereitung) "
That's two academics known to be actively looking at the VMs: hardly a tidal wave, but hopefully the start of something good. I'll try to get hold of a copy of the paper to review here...

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