Friday, 28 March 2008

Voynich miscellany (again)...

The Voynich Manuscript meme continues to tap at our cultural windows, asking politely to be let in from the rain. And sometimes people do...

For example, here's a knitted squid sitting on a copy of Gawsewitch's "Le Code Voynich" (don't be put off by the LiveJournal 14+ age warning, it really is a knitting page).

Over at evilbore, Eric P is getting cross about how the VMs is sneaking in under the cultural radar: "What's caused this subconscious societal permeation of this obscure text?" he asks, before linking to Voynich News (good call!)

Or alternatively, here's someone called Malcolm starting a game of Lexicon based around a (fictional) deciphering of the VMs. Lexicon is an RPG where players take on the role of cranky scholars building a faux Wikipedia (one letter at a time, hence the name) around a fictional world, while trying not to cite themselves. Errrm... just like the real Wikipedia, then. ;-)

Norbert R. Ibanez has posted up some thoughts on the VMs in 'English' (with a PDF you can download): though his ideas may be basically OK, I don't like his automatic translator much. :-(

And finally, I've had some visitors from a posting about my VQ ("Voynich Quotient") page put up on the Yog-Sothoth forums (dedicated to H. P. Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu players). One poster mentions "Keeper's Companion Vol. 1, p.63", where it presumably links the VMs to the Necronomicon: add that to the ever-growing web of Voynich references out there.

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Malcolm Gin said...

Hey there!

Just noticed your postback to my blog.

I was posting about possibly starting an entirely new game of Lexicon (but it doesn't seem like enough folks are interested). The previous one I played was based on an idea of the Gaea Theory being made real and interactive for humans because of a fictional translation of the Voynich. We were doing 2 letters per week in that game and only got to P or Q, I think, but it was a lot of fun.