Thursday, 27 March 2008

Updated reading list...

"Shopping in the Renaissance", Evelyn Welch [finished, still need to write review]

"Astrology: a history", Peter Whitfield [about half-way through, lots of good stuff]

"Elizabeth's Spy Master", Robert Hutchinson [80 pages in, but a bit of a dour character to read much about]

"The Renaissance in Europe: A Reader", Keith Whitlock [Still not yet started this, beginning to wonder if I ever will]

"Decipher" Stel Pavlou [33 pages in, a nice bit of superficial fun, shame I don't have a beach holiday to take it on]

"History of Magic & Experimental Science" Vol. IV (Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries), Lynn Thorndike [20 pages in, but everything else has to go on hold while I read it]

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