Tuesday, 12 February 2008

"Codice Olindo", update...

First sight (for me at least) of the Codice Olindo's cryptography: admittedly the quality is abysmal, but it's better than no picture at all. I found it on the Corriere di Como's website. Pieces of ciphertext are interspersed with cleartext: the third (clear) line appears to read "Rosa non posso e..." (Rosa is the wife of Olindo Romano, the main accused in the case).

For more background on the trial, here's an article from The Scotsman (30th January 2008), and a Agenzia Giornalistica Italia page from yesterday (11th February 2008).

Massacring your noisy neighbours seems a little bit extreme to me: I think I'd prefer to send them unsettling notes, as in this wonderful true story from New York (called The Astoria Notes, from David Friedman's Ironic Sans blog), with its surreal follow-up. Enjoy!

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