Wednesday, 2 July 2008

"Wilfrid Voynich & The Grand Multiplier"

Note: this article has now moved to wilfrid-voynich-the-grand-multiplier on Cipher Mysteries

Having spent many years in that industry, I always find it quite nice to see computer games people appropriating the Voynich Manuscript. But as games get more visually "realistic" (or, rather, foolishly detailed), their reliance on conceptual props ever diminishes: so I wondered whether Charles Cecil's Broken Sword III - which comes over a bit like a traditional text adventure that just happens to be rendered in 3d - would be the last such game.

Yet some are still thinking about Voynich-themed games. Here's some concept art from Swedish (but Australia-based) games artist Micael Nyberg called "Wilfrid Voynich & The Grand Multiplier" - click on the image to see a decent resolution scan.

In these days of commercial mega-games corporations and marketing-driven games, will this ever see the light of day? Probably not. But do I like it? Yes! :-)

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