Tuesday, 15 July 2008

When is something "much too much"?

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Or rather, when does "too much" suddenly become "much too much"?

My old friend Gary Liddon (Hi Gaz!) used to find great amusement in finding (and sometimes purposely going out of his way to create) examples of "much too much", which he took to mean "so far 'too much' that it becomes comic (or tragic)".

As far as the Voynich Manuscript goes, Marke Fincher's conclusion (that the VMs' plaintext has been significantly disrupted) strongly indicates that Voynichese hasn't just been enciphered, it has been encrypted as well: to me, this all seems symptomatic of an overly-cerebral paranoia that has gone far too far, to the point of both comedy and tragedy.

Yes, the VMs is indeed much too much.

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