Saturday, 17 November 2007

More Voynich-related stuff...

Here are some current links to amuse (and possibly inform) you...

(1) A 49-second clip on Voynich manuscript page f2v (yes, really!) from that well-known research institution, YouTube. And no, I don't know what the commentary is saying either (please tell me if you do):-

(2) Here's a wonderful page from Uncyclopedia, an open-source Wikipedia parody (I say "an", casually assuming that there must be more Wikipedia parodies out there). Yet the text is surprisingly fresh and on the money, and (some would say) no less enlightening or inspiring than any of Gordon Rugg's media interviews (probably):-

(3) In November 2006, a Swede with the online handle "Pemel" announced that he might have translated the Voynich Manuscript, and that he had passed his solution on to a referee for external checking. OK, so his chance of success is sub-10%, but who knows?

(4) Finally, here's a link to the blog of "Leandra Evals" (an anagram, surely?) who thinks there's something to do with alchemy in the VMs. Could be... (though I suspect probably not):-

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