Friday, 8 August 2008

"The Coso Artifact"...

Note: this article has now moved to the-coso-artifact on Cipher Mysteries

A few days ago, Voynich News started getting web visitors from the Hall of Maat, an alternative science website I'd heard of (but had never got round to looking at properly). And so I decided to drop by; and was very pleasantly surprised at its range of well-written articles, most of them skeptical takes on the kind of alt.history nonsense that typically bedecks the Internet.

Here's a link to the article on "The Coso Artifact", simply because the story (of how a modern object worth no more than "a couple of bucks" led to such an outpouring of tosh about ancient civilizations and even creationist takes on technology) amused me so much. But the rest of the site is good too - enjoy!

PS: just so you know, there isn't much about the VMs on the site, with the brief exception of an interesting 2004 article by Mark Newbrook on linguistic revisionist histories.

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