Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Not one of the Seven Fortean Wonders (*sigh*)

Much as I predicted, the Voynich Manuscript didn't quite make it into the final list of Seven Fortean Wonders of the World, which ended up being (in no particular order):
Bigfoot / Yeti, Turin Shroud, Piri Reis Map, UFOs, Oak Island, Crop Circles, Nazca.

But just because I happen to think that neither the Piri Reis Map nor Crop Circles are actually Fortean doesn't mean I think the Voynich Manuscript was somehow swindled (or Florida'ed, as I believe the modern technical term is). The underlying truth may well be that the cloud of ideas around the Voynich Manuscript is becoming (or is about to become) too mainstream for most connoisseurs of Forteana, making it just too sensible an object to be voted to the top.

And that's probably a good thing, wouldn't you say? [*]

[*] depending on your VQ score, in all probability. :-)

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